Today I went for a 10km walk in the Wicklow mountain, behind the Powerscourt waterfalls, which is an absolutely gorgeous place. Once you get there, there are many different route you can take and stretch a hike from 5 to 15km if you want to.

I did the Maulin peak, which is around a 10km walk, with only 450m ascent. I went early because the place gets really busy from 10am onward.

I can reiterate how much outdoor walking, something as simple and accessible in my case, is essential. It changed my entire mood after a pretty hard week where I felt quite down and unmotivated. It gave a whole new energy to my weekend and how I interacted with my wife, my kid, and got me more motivated to even socialise!

It’s been a while I haven’t done a proper walk. I go to the forest with my young kids and dog, but it is not the same. The challenge, the exercise and solitary experience was really what I needed this week, and I wanted to share.

Walking outdoor increase your problem solving capabilities. I have been really struggling with the uncertainty around holidays at the moment due to COvid-19. It’s been stressful, not knowing what we should do, book a flight or not, go abroad, or not, bring the dog … or not! And yet, I came back from the walk and just booked July. I needed some headspace. During the walk it just started to make sense.

So get out there, best part: it’s free!