My Story


8 years ago,  I suffered a completely unexpected and unexplained stroke. I had to make a lot of adjustments in my life as a result. When you are “1 in a million” cases, you are left with very little tangible explanation or prevention measure to make sure it won’t happen again. 

“My story is very simple, when traditional medicine could not explain what happened, and only offered drugs for the rest of my life as prevention to an unknown problem, I decided I would find alternatives. “


Mental Health & Well-Being Coach

You can improve your condition

I spent the last 8 years educating myself, listening to sources I trust, reading books, research papers and taking advice from professionals in various areas in an attempt to understand.

Along the way I discovered a new landscape of possibilities, but also the complexity to navigate it. 

I don’t want to go into the  debate about Self-Care, and the abuse in a wellness industry where anyone can come with a miracle solution.  Business oriented people jump on the wagon of a Trillion $ industry, of course they do! But let’s not leave behind the great work that is happening, and long or recently established alternatives which are opening to us thanks to new research, new therapies and new tech. There is a lot available to us to improve our health or deal with a specific condition, and this is what I aspire to share and demystify. Why is it important?

  • 25% of US adult will experience Mental Illness this year.
  • By 2030, World Health Organization (WHO) predicts Depression will be the #1 disease burden globally, taking over from Heart Disease.
  • Emotional Stress is a major cause of Depression. Stress also increase risk of Heart Disease x5

You can do something about it, but you also need to educate yourself, sometime seek professional help. 





More about me

I have more than 15 years experience working in Tech, as a people manager. I am passionate about Well-being and Mental Health, especially in the workplace where our modern working lives have decreased our ability to really disconnect and regenerate.


  • I am certified as a Mental Health First Aider with MHFA Ireland.
  • I am certified as a Mental Health and Well-Being coach, accredited with the EMCC

You can find out more about how coaching can help under the Coaching section. 

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