I talk a lot about sleep. It’s because it is the ONE fundamental we can/should all start with. Without proper sleep, you just can’t function and you can’t perform, what ever is your goal. See this post if you want to learn more about sleep: https://everylittlehealth.me/what-is-sleep-all-about/

Sleep is at the foundation of everything you will achieve during the day, physically or mentally.

There are many options out there to help you track your health in general, your sleep in particular. Tech has come a long way, and can really help you improve your sleep.

I am one of those people who find it hard to motivate themselves if they can’t see tangible progress. Those questionnaire just don’t do it for me! This is why a sleep tracker has been an essential tool. I settled for the OURA ring after trying 2-3 others wearables.

Choosing the right sleep tracker is something very personal.

Wearable vs non-wearable?

In a nutshell …

Wearables usually have pads you place under your bed and track movement, breathing, snoring, even other sounds. They are non-intrusive, are built first for sleep tracking, but they can be expensive and there are various report on accuracy depending on who else is in the bed!

An other emerging non-wearable sleep tracker are apps, using only your phone microphone .. This is cheap and surprisingly quite accurate but the “on” microphone freaks me out: “OK google!!”

Finally, wearables all use Heart rate as a main way to detect sleep stages, some use other signals such as movement detection, body temperature. For me the biggest issue is that they are mostly fitness trackers, sleep is a secondary function, but that said there are good ones out there.

In terms of tracking accuracy, the reality is, the best sleep tracker out there only reaches an accuracy of 60% at best compared to tracking sleep in a laboratory environment (where they will track Brain, Muscle and Eye movement activities aka: EEG, EMG and EOG). And OURA is one of the best, along with the Fitbit HR I also have. But this is enough to give you a sense of your sleep quality and track progress. For the majority of us, this is all we need …

OURA Ring is the first wearable on the market designed primarily to track SLEEP

More about the OURA Ring

I love my OURA ring. At first, I wasn’t convinced, but the fact this is designed first for sleep, I like that! And they keep on evolving their algorithm. It is also quite non-intrusive, battery last for ever, and it provides all those cool insights.

  • Easier to wear than a watch
  • Super long battery life
  • Provide a Sleep Score and Readiness score, using a bunch of signals such as HRV, Heart rate, restfulness, body temperature and more …
  • Loads of explanations, tips … the blog is very good to

but … the only negatives I would have is that it is a bit more expensive, and their support is really bad.

Now, I don’t have the same readings between the ring and the Fitbit. I believe the Fitbit HR is slightly more accurate than the OURArings, especially on the REM sleep, but that ‘s ok, because It gives me a more complete picture of my sleep.

This is quite high level. Now if you want a much more detailed analysis on the top trackers out there, check that blog, this was useful for me when I bought mine. https://www.nosleeplessnights.com/best-sleep-tracker/