I just went back to my hometown near Geneva, and we were blessed with snow for the whole week with a few bright days. I really wanted my kids to see it as there is something magical about it and we went up to the Jura nearly every day.

I forgot how amazingly relaxing watching the snow falling is … the empty sound of a snow flakes hitting the ground, the sensation when it touch your face … it is magical! Combined with the fresh air of the mountain, the visual beauty of snow on the trees, and you have a perfect winning combination to be fully in the moment … in other word, you are present. How could you not be present!

The Jura offers some extra authenticity, away from the busy ski resorts of the Alpes

I rediscovered something that made me looking forwards to the winter. And now I understand why. Winter are hard but when you get to go up the mountain every other weekend, you have a natural canvas to disconnect and relax, before you start an other crazy week. The fresh air has some healing power, and the light is a pure blessing during the short winter days.

The Jura is specially known for its Nordic ski tracks in the forest. It offers loads of options as well as Alpine ski and racket hiking. For me, whether it is slowly moving through the trees without any sound, or sliding down the slopes, it compares to the experience of diving. You feel truly in touch with nature. You look, you touch, you feel, you listen, you go into a mindful mode of your own although you are with other people, friends or not. It is sociable, but once you are in, you go at your own pace, and then you meet at the end, and share your experience … I love it.

Why am I sharing this? Sometime we forget that there are easy, accessible ways to be present, immerse ourselves into our environment. You might not be able to go diving, or skiing, but you probably have access to a forest, to a park, may be a lac, or a beach … the outdoor is a blessing, one that is already being used for group therapies for the simple reason that it is good for you! So don’t wait, plan your outdoor adventure for the weekend.