I have been swimming in the Irish sea for a while, but it is the first year I see so much interest for winter swimming. It has become a real thing, with many articles detailing the phenomenon, to a point where. during the first lockdown, the police had to close access to the beach. It is great to see people during the pandemic taking on the Outdoor and healthy challenges. Swimming in cold water (in this case around 9 Degrees Celsius average) has many benefits:

  • Fresh Air: First, you need to get out! this mean fresh sea air. Sea air carries Negative Ions, which are small molecules floating in the air, and many researchers associate it to positive effect on your mood. Yes, there is evidence to it
  • Social: This is something you can easily practice socially, no matter your level of swimming, one might just dip into the water while others might swim longer, there is something for everyone. I go with a group of friends. Since you are outdoor, it is easy to keep distance in the pandemic, while enjoying a bit of social interaction and. a good laugh.
  • Healthy: Cold water has many benefits to your overall health. It boost your immune system. It really pumps up your blood stream to produce heat in your body, which improves your circulation. It gives a natural high by releasing endorphins … and there is more but I won’t go into it. Check this article for more benefits.

Now as everything you do outdoor, you need to be careful and observe some basic rules of safety. Don’t go by yourself, understand your swimming level and your limits, and if you have any cardiac risk, it might be a good idea to check with. your GP first. Check those tips from the irish Times on staying safe

For me swimming has really been a great ally during this pandemic, and I find it boost my mood for the day, so this is why I chose it as my picture of the months, we will need to mood lifting tools in January